We understand that sweeping change is difficult. That’s why we work collaboratively with payors to create payment programs and care delivery programs that are very different from fee for service. Our networks and contracts improve outcomes and decrease costs.

We work to generate savings that can be shared with providers, payors, and Concentric Health. The better we all serve patients, the greater savings we can generate.

As one of the original post-acute care providers working with Concentric Health, we were able to build a patient-centered, value-based care model from the ground up. This allowed us to excel in the original Bundled Payment for Care Improvement program.

Stephanie Antoun

Executive Director, Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community

Benefits of Partnering with Concentric Health
  • Put more money back into your business
  • Compile your data into a usable format, so you can find more cost and time savings
  • Become more nimble and responsive to patients
  • Gain access to expertise in Alternative Payment Models