Position your organization on a level above other providers.

Providers gain access to expertise, tools, and programs to successfully transition to value-based care. You’ll be trained on our proven care delivery model that helps patients move seamlessly through the care continuum—and gives you visibility into their progress, which leads to better outcomes. And with the help of care transitions coordinators, patients are able to return to a high level of functioning and live a life of continued health and wellness.

As a result of partnering with Concentric Health, we implemented a care delivery model that focuses on timely and pertinent communication with patients and their families. This model follows the patient during their stay in our facility and after discharge to the community, which has improved patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. It also has an added benefit of building credibility with hospitals as patients request to be referred to our facility.

Jim Mayer

Former Executive Director, Twin Lakes Senior Living Community

Benefits of Becoming a Concentric Health Member
  • Save time and costs by relying on a proven model instead of starting the transition process from scratch and wondering if it will be successful
  • Track and analyze patients’ data and outcomes through an exclusive, easy-to-use software, CareLink   
  • Quickly gain best practices and process improvement knowledge
  • Receive support throughout the transition process
  • Gain access to expertise in Alternative Payment Models

Decrease Readmissions with the help of Concentric Health

  • Track patients throughout the care continuum so you can deliver the right care at the right time, and avoid unnecessary readmissions
  • Improve the discharge process through patient engagement and management of barriers to promote continued recovery