Our experience shows that helping patients be successful creates cost savings.

We look at data on providers’ readmission rates and costs (as well as comparisons to market) to help you choose providers and partners that will deliver the highest levels of patient care for the lowest costs.

We believe that Concentric Health’s care transitions program is unmatched in the industry. With Concentric Health’s care transitions coordinators working directly with our staff and patients, we have been able to achieve better outcomes for our patients and provide a better experience for our patients and their families.

Adrienne Walsh

CEO, Bayley Place

Benefits of partnering with Concentric Health
  • Gain visibility into the readmission rates and patient outcomes data from your current partners compared with the market
  • Select partners for post-acute care that have proven they can provide the best outcomes, regardless of whether they are in your network
  • Discover new ways to decrease costs while improving outcomes
  • Get peace of mind from relying on a partner who has a data-driven approach to care delivery that’s proven successful